Veena Malik Latest Pictures In Burqa

Veena Malik scandal queen.Every one knows that this bitch for just getting cheap fame tried every method in india.She is currently doing many movies, but main thing has been the controversial photo shoots that have made evry Muslim angry and annoyed because she has crossed her limit.And there are Veena Malik Latest Pictures In Burqa.

 Veena Malik Latest Pictures In Burqa

Bombshell Veena Malik is not in a mood to take any chance for her upcoming movie and is leaving no stone unturned. Nowadays she is busy on the streets of Mumbai searching for the perfect character for her upcoming movie ‘The City that Never Sleeps’. She was seen wearing a Burqa while travelling across the city trying to avoid the crowds mobbing her. She is delving into a serious genre in this film, something she hasn’t tried before and trying to adopt the perfect character.

Malik said, “It’s a big movie for me and I don’t want to take any chances so I have decided I will personally walk around the streets of Mumbai and search the perfect face which will suit me. Here everyone is an actor but we need to bring out the actor hidden inside”.



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