Imran Khan Sex Tape Video Scandal

There are a lot of news about Imran Khan sex video tape scandal on the internet. The news suggest that a dirty sexual video has been made of Imran Khan which has adult content. All the media channels are reporting it and last night Hamid Mir revealed the news of sex tape of Imran khan and also suggested that it looks like a fake video.

Imran Khan Sex Tape Video Scandal

PPP politician Chaudhry Fawad Hussain also tweeted related to this issue as :

Isl is abuzz with rumours of some sex video involving some high profile politician leading opposition party paid huge price to buy movie.

PTI supporters are abusing PMLN and all the people on Facebook, twitter and other social media re condemning this shameful and cheap act by PMLN because it creates a sense that PMLN is now sick of the popularity of PTI and they have done so.PTI and PMLN supporters are abusing each other and fighting on the internet forums and other social media.On of the main issue is here that no one in owning this shameful video.

Hamid Mir has also tweeted regarding this issue

A PTI supporter has created the following video .Check it out Here!!


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